Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dresser Diverted.

Anything missing from this blurry, and a little cluttered, view?

I talked about my bedroom's layout in this post, if that helps.

Maybe this view will give you a hint.

See anything creeping in my closet? And no, I can't make the lighting any better up in here.

No, not a creeper. Or even a creepy crawler. Both of those would merit screams, not pictures.

Actually, I huffed and I puffed and I moved my dresser into my closet.

Closet is a bit of a misnomer. This thing is huge. I would say maybe 8-foot by 4-foot huge. My bedroom growing up was about 5-feet wider. So I consider this to be another room, because honestly, if need be, I could probably live in there. But I'm not signing up for that. After moving my bed last week, and my bed then facing my dresser, I realized I didn't like that view. It stressed me out. There was no happy solution for my dresser, and I had to give my bed some time in it's new spot, especially after I went through the trouble of leveling my side tables. So the dresser had to move.

And I had a revelation. A minimalist room calms me. My dresser is where I keep most of my things for the next day - from my phone, to my list, to my jewelry. Seeing that before I go to bed just made me pop up more times than one for something I'd forgotten. And it stressed me out.

So I did some rearranging of my clothes, crafts, and storage to fit my dresser into the corner. I love it there. Most of the stuff on my dresser is fairly personal -

I have my 'grandpa bear,' which is a bear my aunt made out of my grandpa's flannel, my print of Tasha's paw, and other mementos. I like having all of this in a more personal space - it's more for me anyway. It's also nice to have my jewelry in with my clothes. I'm dwindling my excuses to avoid accessorization. Why isn't that a word?

I feel so much more zen with this in there, and I don't even know how that's possible. Has that ever happened to anyone else?! It's crazy how such a small change makes such a big difference.

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