Thursday, July 19, 2012

Classing up the curtains.

I don't know how many times I've complained about my curtains. Still, they were too-short for a year.

I had an idea in my head of finding a pale grey zebra and pairing it with a sheer white underneath. After searching off-and-on for a few months to no luck, I was reaching that point where I might never have curtains. The perfect muted grey zebra was eluding me and I was getting obsessed with the hunt and if I didn't find something else I loved soon, I would be doomed.

Besides, I can hold off for the perfect zebra for the living room.

So I putzed around JoAnn's and found a bird-and-leaf pale grey-tan fabric. I could see it in my room and it was perfect. I dragged it over to the cutting counter (it was on a bolt), only to have my hopes nearly shattered. They didn't have three yards. Dagger! But just like the elusive zebra fabric, it was all about the hunt. Semi-long, but uninteresting story made short, I got the fabric at another store after being told they didn't know what I was talking about, even though the first store had called and then put it on hold. Did I mention I got three yards of sheer fabric for $3 though? DAY SAVED.

I skipped home with my fabric and immediately hemmed the two long sides and the top. Then I realized I didn't know how I was going to layer the sheer and the birdies. After some research, I found the guidance I needed over at Young House Love. Drapery clips! Of course.

After picking up a couple packs of 1-inch diameter clips in Mocha, I then realized that my curtain rod needed a make-over. Thankfully, I almost always have a can of ORB on hand.

While the curtain rod dried, I decided that hanging my curtains higher would probably correct this problem of the old curtains:

See how the curtains bend over the header board? That's what I call it at least. When the complex gave us new blinds, they put this piece on top to frame it up a bit, I guess, but it pops out a good amount and didn't help my too-short curtain problem. I decided that moving the curtains up would add height, drama, and hide the bump.

So I did some measuring and ladder-climbing and waited not so patiently for the ORB to dry.

But all that's the details. It's the same everywhere. Curtain rod, curtains, hemming.

The before:

The now:

Can I just bask in this for a minute?!

I may be in love with my window now.

And I am still in need of some serious lighting. Everything looks blurry in the bask of my one light. Maybe if I complain about it enough I'll do something about it. 

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