Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Be our guest, be our guest!

This is long overdue. As much as I want pictures to do it justice, the apartment layout and spacing isn't real on the flat picture. As it's been a year since my last apartment tour, it coincidentally happened to be the best time to see how everything's evolved in my year in one place.

Some themes to note:
  • I am not trying to insinuate that either Cat or I are even slightly important enough to be considered in the same realm as the Prime Minister. Our black doors are our only likeness. 
  • There's a bunch of made-up and nonsensical phrases in my speaking vocabulary. I think there's some neuron misfiring, as Dad would say. As in, "great finding things," which I used when talking about my Polish bowl that I got at Eastern Market (a giant flea market/farmer's market in DC) and "can't look too deeply on," when I'm talking about a project the camera panned over quickly before I redirected.
  • I have no clue about the history of Denby, England, nor have I ever visited. My dad currently lives in Derby, England, which I think is the Pub Capital of England. I totally made up that tidbit about Denby being the pottery capital of England.
  • My Pittsburghese still makes appearances, especially in the world 'really,' which I say more like 'rilly.' I like it.
  • I use about five different voices and it's annoying to me, so it must be to you too.
  • My muttering side comments, such as 'I don't know why I looked in there' pertain to things like the shower that I peeked in, but have no idea why I even considered that you would be remotely interested in my shower. Except for the fact that my sister thinks I have awesome water pressure. But I can't demonstrate that.
  • What I refer to as 'my pond' is actually my grandpa's pond. I have no literal ownership of it.
  • My presenter voice is higher and more fake than my real voice. After a few takes I couldn't get myself to correct it. Apologies.
  • When I say 'bye' in such a high pitch voice, it sounds like I'm saying 'hi.' It's my fake voice. I can't turn off my Vanna White.   
Feel like you're home? I have also been told my cupboards make very logical sense. So make yourself comfortable.


  1. Love watching these tours. Jealous of your in-house laundry (genius drying rack) and your ridiculously huge walk-in closet, which seems about as big as my Hong Kong apartment was. And you got me curious with all of your "secret projects."

    Also I believe everything you say no matter what, so don't feed me falsities! ; )

    1. That closet is just a teensy bit smaller than my bedroom growing up, so I feel the pain. And now I'm overjoyed with it. Sometimes I just spin in my closet, because I can.

      And you'll see projects soon!! No falsities, promise :) One of which is a massive mirror. And more curtains. And then Kay's cross-stitch was in that video. And some others.


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