Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mission Accomplished.

Since I moved to the district, it has been my goal to have my youngest sister visit. This is by no means a reflection of any sort of favoritism. It's just that Vero visited me within a month of my move and has visited since. I know he wants to visit and I love when she does because we get to romp around my favorite spots. Steph, on the other hand, works so much and is so dedicated to it that I knew it'd be a struggle to get her physically down here.

Finally, after nearly three years of bugging, the schedules aligned and she and Mum showed up on Friday for a weekend visit.

First up: Alexandria farmer's market. We're suckers for veggies, though my waistline could deceive you, and stocked up on some of the best cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and threw in a fresh loaf of Italian bread and some strawberry rhubarb mini-pies, too.

Mum also loved fresh flower selection and the deals the man was offering. We got a mixed bouquet, a dried flower bouquet, and two mini peony bouquets for $8. They look beautiful in my vase I picked up while thrifting a few weeks ago.

And again because these flowers are insanely gorgeous.

After dealing with some broken air conditioner issues that involved me rewiring the thermostat before realizing it was the unit that was broken (and we're back to cooler temps!), we headed toward Roosevelt Island. I can't believe I haven't been here yet. Well actually, I can. A friend said a deer crossed their path here.

What, that doesn't explain it? Well then, let me open you up to my crazy. Deer are shady. They cannot be trusted. They stop, stare at you with their beady eyes, you can't tell where their pupils are, and you can't tell what they're thinking. Before you know it, they are hoofing your face. HOOVES STOMPING YOU IN THE FACE. And then you have a black eye you have to explain. Which I imagine would go something like this:

Person: How drunk were you this weekend?
Me: Au contraire, I was not drunk! I was, however, attacked by a deer whilst innocently enjoying the nature and scenery offered by Roosevelt Island.
Person: Mmm, yes, you need to work on that story.
Me: You can't work on the truth!

You see the problems you'd hypothetically have? And a black eye would be the least of your injuries when compared to the emotional scarring that must cause.

You know what a lion's thinking before he bites your face off. I'm just saying.

Thankfully, we escaped Roosevelt Island unscathed. We high fived the prez for his good work and fabulous island, ambled around enjoying the shade, and dodged the many joggers, some of whom were singing and jogging. They were not human.

Roosevelt really got the good end of the stick. He has an ISLAND. All the other pressies (that's my abbreviation or presidents, though if I have to explain it, it's probably not worth it) have a spot on the nearly 2-mile stretch of shadeless mall. Roosevelt got an island, free of traffic, noise,and the unrelenting glare of the sun. Johnny Depp has an island. Rockstar status.

Then we did the Ghosts and Ghouls tour of Alexandria. I would highly recommend, and as this was my second time on the tour, clearly I have taken my own recommendation. I'm not paid or perked by them either. Well, not directly. The man selling tickets asked if I was under 18 and that's where the price changse, but I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment. The jury's still out. The tour is about an hour walk around roughly six-blocks and guides in period wear tell you ghost stories and history of the time. I didn't take any pictures because it was dark and I hate the flash. Or let's be serious, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I happened to catch a ghost. If you're in the area, check it out here.

Sunday started with a DC Duck tour. Mum has quite an affinity for these amphibious boats, and she was not going to miss this one. That, and she's well on her way to hitting a duck tour in every city and now that she's found they're possible abroad, there's really no stopping her.

I enjoy factoids, and we got quackers at the end. Great success.

All in all, a fantastic weekend trip and mission: get Steph to Alexandria was accomplished. The wonky blister on the bottom of my foot between my big and second toe is totally worth it. This 30 by 30 may just be possible.

I crossed something else off the list this past weekend, and I'll let you in on that on Thursday.

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