Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Moves.

Sorry for the delayed post! I was without internet for a bit. Dagger.

I guess I should also apologize that this post isn’t super exciting. I think I’ve mentioned that my roommate and I are staying in our apartment for the next year. I’m incredibly excited because this is the first year since 2006 that I won’t be moving. That’s six years of moving. Six years of packing. If there were one of those studies with how much of your life is packing, I would’ve hit my quota.

Nevertheless, I kind of love moving. I love forcing myself to go through all of my stuff, I love a couple days of exercise that aren’t running, and I love rearranging. I was feeling the void on the last the most.
So I started measuring my room and deciding what could be changed. I’m not working with much, but there are options. Then in my typical fashion, I got bored with counting blocks on the graph paper and I just started pushing stuff around.

So remember how my bed used to be like this from the closet?

I liked that layout, but I wasn’t liking the sun in the morning as much anymore. I know this is much more of a curtain problem than a layout problem, but I’m waiting for the perfect fabric. The bed’s problem was that I couldn’t hide from the sun. No matter which way I rolled, it was still coming head on. The second issue was the robbers. No, we weren’t actually robbed. I should restate to say that I’m crazy. The irrational fear that someone would come into my room, scoot down that super small hallway/nook that the door is in, and them BAM! there’d be my face, ripe for the attacking as I’d be totally unawares, was always an issue for my crazy head. With my bed on the opposite wall, the robbers/attackers would be at my feet first, giving me an extra couple seconds to prepare. Before I totally lose you, the third reason was boredom. I wanted to change something, and furniture is easier than the world.

So I removed the end tables from the wall and pushed about. And now we’re here:

It's a 'meh' view from the closet, but what creeper views the room from the closet? Here's the view from the door:

Muuuuch better. I feel like I can always see my lake print now, which is fantastic. The guy just wasn't getting enough air time before. I can't seem to find a before of the same angle, but it was a view across the bed, bouncing over my exercise ball, and into my closet abyss. Meh.

Confused? I made crude diagrams.

Here's the old layout - 

And here's the new layout, with my apparent change in bed tone - 

It became painfully obvious that my side tables aren’t working anymore. Honestly, they never really did. I want too much within reach at night that I want to be hidden during the day and these lacks from IKEA that screw into the wall don’t have that option. They’re just a slab of wood. So now on the bedroom to-do:
  • Curtains – I’m thinking a muted grey/white zebra deal, a la a picture I saw on Pinterest and now can't find.
  • Side tables. I don’t even know where to start. I guess it needs to have legs, a drawer, and more than one square foot of space because I’d love to have lamps with a nice big drum shade.
  •  Lighting. I need some better bedside lamps and an option for the desk that preferably doesn’t take up much desk space because that’s where I do my crafting. Heck, I just need more than one light in this room.
  • Dresser. I’m not loving its position. I’m thinking of putting it on the wall where my bed first was, but that move doesn’t make sense right now because of the unknown world of side tables. After measuring, remeasuring, screwing in some drywall screws, and getting the lacks level, I don’t want to move them around just to make more holes to patch, either. And proof for you, Dad:

The dresser can always move to the closet with some more finagling in there, too.  I’ve toyed with getting rid of the dresser and dealing with bins, too. Not sure where I’ll end up on that.

So now I’ve just made myself stressed out with bedroom uncertainties. Ho hum. Let’s focus on the positives: a quick, free makeover! Anyone else done one of those recently? And what do you think of what I’m working with? Opinions? Side table recommendations? I’m going to start begging for those soon.

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