Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hairy Situations.

This won't be that gross. Unless you've skeeved out by oily hair. Because that's exactly what I wanted to let you know about - my oily hair. And how unfortunate I was in the gene pool of hair. I love the color of my hair. I pulled a good straw there. Otherwise, Dad passed his fine, greasy hair to me. So greasy that sometimes my sisters will ask if my hair is wet when it's not. The span between my hair washings was always less than 24 hours in those cases. Absolutely ridiculous. I had a sort of complex in it then, and was religiously washing my hair daily and living up the 6-8 hour window of good hair.

When I went to England, my friend Kate (also in the fine hair club) let me in on her new trick - she's not washing her hair daily. And it's looking better. She started a routine of washing her hair every other day, and on the days without shampoo, she'll put baby powder around her hair line, on her crown, and down her part and style as usual. It sounded like it was worth a shot, and without a standard American shower in England, it seemed worth it to avoid the handheld shower.

So I've been washing my hair every other day for about two months and I can genuinely see the difference. The oil isn't building up as quickly, my hair feels better and less dry, and I'm getting more compliments on the days I wash and style my hair down! I've been too chicken to wear my hair down on a non-wash day - it's always up in a ponytail or a high messy bun on top of my head. It's been fine and dandy, but I want more options on the baby powder days.

Enter work party: on a Thursday, a routine baby powder day. I had to get creative.

I started with a side braid, which is my go-to for gathering my almost-fully-grown-out side bangs and sending them to the back of my head. I do a french braid with a section of hair down to the top of my ear, then braid whatever strands left longer than that area in a normal braid.

I held the braid in my mouth while I split the back of my hair into three sections. I twisted each section into a mini bun then stabbed bobby pins every while way to hold in my rogue hairs.

Finally, I pulled the braid out of my mouth which was going dry at this point, and wrapped the end about a bun and bobby pinned in place. Hairspraying my head into a helmet also happened at this point.

Isn't it a nice alternative to the ponytail or wonky bun? It lasted all day without readjustment, which was awesome, and I got compliments that it looked fancy. I love little more than fancy face compliments.

I took my sister (and her pink hair) as my date to the party. Our faces can be so similar that it really creeps me out sometimes.

My sister's best friend and roommate also joined the party. Here she is with my roommate, Cat, and me. Please ignore my shoes. I was wearing super cute heels, but as the night got later, my poor feet were forming blisters on the top and my blood blister from a face-plant on the metro a week earlier (grace is not my middle name) was gross. But it's further proof that my hair made it all day and all night.

Anyone got any hair tricks to share? With two days a week that I'm at work and baby-powdering, I can use all the alternatives I can get! I'll probably start scouting around Pinterest or enlisting my youngest sister to try some styles. She's on a mission to make my hair curl, so we'll see how that ends. My hair will not hold a curl to save it's life. For my high school prom, I didn't condition it for two weeks and didn't wash it for one just so it'd stay in its updo. It's always been so fine and soft that it'd rather float around instead. I'm hoping that'll change with this regime. Anywho, please share your hair dos and tricks :)

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