Thursday, June 14, 2012

Card Crafting: Bachelorette Invites.

I've mentioned my new-found, shakey love with card crafting in previous posts (most recently, here but also here and here), but as I'm still riding the wave, I had the courage to make bachelorette invites for my friend's upcoming hurrah. Why doesn't this blog think bachelorette is a word?

After talking wither her about what sort of party she wanted, I had a very clear picture but wasn't positive as to how to portray it. Bachelorette parties have such a stigma about them, but we wanted a fun night where we could wear cute dresses. And we don't plan on sipping our drink out of genitalia paraphernalia. That's such a harsh statement, so I had to show that and not say it.

The double-loop punch was the fancy punch for the job. I started with a green card (to match the color of our bridesmaid dresses) and punched the perimeter. Side note: while my sister was visiting and we were making a card for her friend, she was playing around with the two-piece double-loop punch. Turns out, the corner punch has little guideline trays that pop out of its sides for easier line-ups. I had been struggling to line the corners up by sight and trial-and-error, to much frustration. I will be conferring with my sister now before I try to use any new product incorrectly for months of frustration first. Thank you, Vero!

So I had a card with loops. I then free-handed a little black dress (made symmetrical by folding it in half) and traced it out on black paper. That, with a glitter belt made with a line of a glue pen and Martha's tiny glitter in Gunmetal, made the LBD for the front. And it was classy and very Audrey Hepburn, so I considered it done. Everyone could get the actual information telepathically. Except that probably wouldn't work and Alex would be less than pleased if I explained no one came to the party because they must've not gotten my smoke signals.   

I was at a loss for the back for a while. My youngest sister's suggestion was to attach something with a ribbon, but with the front already done and the double-loop perimeter, punching holes and threading ribbon seemed too busy. So I did what I always do, and I just procrastinated and waiting for something to hit me in the face. After browsing JoAnn's and finding this clear paper with green glitter spots in it, on sale at that, I knew I had my paper. Then I saw a spool of ribbon, also on sale. And then I punched myself in the face for good measure. Except not really because that would be very strange. 

I think I'll just end every paragraph in italics. Anyway. I had to play around with the printer for a bit, but I finally got my information to fit on a little cut-out. Knowing myself, I bought three extra sheets for this reason. My youngest sister then came to my aide with her self-professed mastery of bow-making. I have to admit, she's good. You just can't admit that when someone knows they're good. But thank you, Stephie!

Obviously the card doesn't actually have these clear, blurry blotches on it. It's just that we don't want stalkers.I guess you could show up every Saturday in July, but that's a lot of dedication and if that's your wish, then I commend you. Stalker of the year.

I attached the clear sheet with the tiniest dot of glue and did my best to glue the bow above or on the dot to hide it. Though the glue dried clear, the paper is clear so it left a little spot that looked like it was wet. That sounds much weirder than it is, but I'm realizing I have no idea how to describe it. Visible spot. It was a visible spot where the clear paper was glued to the green. The bow hid it though because the knot was opaque. The actual ribbon was sheer, so the overlay over the writing was no matter. It doesn't photograph the clearest, but you'll have that.

As for the saying at the top, I found that on Pinterest:

Before she runs off and becomes Chuck's bride,
Let's spend one more classy night by her side!

Obviously I can't do a project without that anymore. I also changed the words a bit to fit our classy, fun-dress wearing purpose.

And now my card-making desire has grown from dislike to consideration in working at Hallmark. Really. I don't know who I am anymore. We'll see how long it is until I realize that I can't double-loop punch everything though, and then I'll be at a loss all over again. Any suggestion for fun card-making tools? I feel I have to hit while the iron's hot and before I lose interest.

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