Thursday, June 7, 2012

C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips.

My sister and her roomie visited last weekend, and I take visitors as an excuse to cook. It's a  fine line to balance, as I always try to pack in as much site-seeing and why-I-love-this-city touring, but want to try out new recipes.

My sister and her roommate aren't morning people. This is all the more reason to make an awesome breakfast.

My friend passed this recipe on to me for cinnamon roll pancakes. She makes them for her family every Saturday and her fiancee said they're as good as a restaurant. This is huge. I'm more partial to waffles, but could be swayed by restaurant pancakes if they're fancy enough. And now the fancy can be brought home.

I followed this recipe down to letter. The recipe requires a bit of coordination, but after the first pancake, I had it managed. I have full faith that you could do the same.

I used whole wheat flour (thus the darker batter color), because I like to tell myself that it makes everything healthy. 

My attempts at swirling the filling left much to be desired, but the delicious result was the same. The three of us each ate two large, fluffy, sweet, swirly pancakes, which is more that I can say I've ate in a long time. I skipped the icing because my friend recommended that it was overkill. Honestly, I can't fathom these with the icing or syrup. We needed milk to wash down their sweetness already. This is coming from a girl that needs sugar every day, whether it be in the form of chocolate chips, a sweet snack, or literally a spoonful of brown sugar. That happens and people are embarrassed on my behalf. All in all though, I suggest you allow yourself a slow start to a Saturday or Sunday and enjoy these for a home brunch. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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