Thursday, May 17, 2012

Twinkling Trifecta.

Does that title sound creepy? If I have to ask the question, it probably does.

This is totally innocent and about candles though. I was thinking twinkling like 'twinkle twinkle little star' because a light (lighted?) candle is like a little star.

I got this three-way candle votive holder/melter thing at Yankee Candle last winter. I haven't used it much because I am inundated with candles. There's a candle/tart warmer/something smelling and burning in every room. After getting my new desk and doing some organization, I broke this baby back out and it's really a fantastic thing. First of all, it holds votive candles. Not one, but three. Votive candles have never been worth it to me - they're baby-sized and I want a candle to last for a while. But votive candles are perfect for discovering if you like new scents. Secondly, it holds three votive candles, and when you light all three, they melt together and their smells combine into some of the most fabulous things. Thirdly, it's white, simple, ceramic, and a great variation to a candle with a label plastered over it. Am I the only one that ever gets sick of staring at those?

I've tried a few variations and have a few on the shelf for the next round.

Does anyone else out there have this little thing along with some favorite combinations? Do share!

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