Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nail Stamps: foiled for now.

My friend, currently living the island life, sent up a fabulous birthday present: nail art paraphernalia. She found this nail art stamp kit from Konad (the pink scraper and pink stamper) and stamp plates (the blue circle deals, from I don't know where).

The idea is that you put some nail polish on the blue stamp plate, specifically over the design you want, scrape off the excess with the scraper, then stamp the decal with the stamper from the plate to your nail. Kay and I are the same person - it recommends that you use a special Konad polish, but that's not our style. We want to make it work with what we have.

We've been foiled, Kay. I tried all my nail polish. All scraped right off the plate with the scraper, leaving me nothing to stamp.

I couldn't let my hopes of nail art be spoiled though, so I broke out a bottle of Sinful Colors Nail Art polish in yellow. That's not the exact name of the shade, but it's true yellow. I'm realizing now that I could have tried this on the nail stamper. So I lied just above. Sorry!

Moving on. The stamper failed so I broke out this skinny bottle of Sinful Colors. These skinny bottles have a super skinny brush that allow for some extra detail. I freehanded a heart on the ring finger of each hand (and didn't bother cleaning up around the nail before posting, obviously). The skinny brushes are nice because you can see drops of polish falling down the brush and real quick pull it off your finger before messing up your precarious art, too. I'm quite liking them.

I need to stop chewing my cuticles, too. And probably try the Sinful Colors with the stamper. I tried OPI, China Glaze, and Zoya to no avail. But this isn't over, nail stamper. That little anchor will get on my nail whether you like it or not.

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