Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day and card-cessories.

I'm a little behind the times on this, but I'm pretty excited about my Mother's Day card to my mum (still).

It appears that my roommate's year-long mission to get me more into scrapbooking it finally paying off. I got into Michael's and JoAnn's and want to hit the papercrafting aisles now. A whole new danger world has been opened. It's like Mario - you open a new world and the obsession hits.

I really need to set up my Wii again.

This is quickly spinning out of my control. So let's talk card-cessories (see what I did there?). 

My newest and toughest to master tool is the double-loop punch around the card. The thing looks so good, but I can't tell you how many cards died in the process. In fact, Mum's card had to be mounted on the green piece of paper so I could fake it on some of the loops. That's still a secret.

I fared better in making a wedding card for a friend though.

And after completion, I promptly cried of exhaustion. That's what the double-loop punch does to you. Or at least to me. I think we're frenemies now though.

Other new favorite tools: Fiskars Paper Edgers scissors in Deckle. I used them to edge two other wedding cards.

On the insides, I played around with the double loop again (I was mastering it that day) and with layering fancy papers on the other.

Are you seeing a third theme in these cards? STICKERS. There are multiple aisles of stickers in the scrapbooking section, and if you're there on any other day, it seems that there's a sale. I love both the sunflower and wedding cake stickers. They're both so intricate and with a sale, run about $1-2 a pack. Not bad when making that baby wedding cake myself would involve a full-out meltdown.

A last theme? Glitter. I'm full out obsessed. I like using Sparkly Glitter Glue in Silver for bigger productions, like this giant 24.

Obviously this card it's fully finished.

For more refined glitter, I use the Sakura Quickie Glue Roller Pen. I used it for the writing on Mum's card up top. The glue pen goes on thinly, which is great with my tiny writing, but sufficiently, as there aren't any gaps in my letters. After writing in the glue pen, I quickly dumped on some glitter, which in the case of Mum's card was Martha Stewart's Crafts Glitter. Martha's glitter is tiny and best for writing, I've found. I use chunkier glitter on larger areas that have no chance of trying to be legible (i.e. I love making glitter stars).

I never thought this post would happen. I never thought I'd make more than one card a year that I liked. Here we are, making cards and scrapbooking though. I hope it's more than just a fad for me, too. It must be - I'm trolling Pinterest.

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