Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grown-up beanbag.

To be honest, I'm not sure what made me feel that I so strongly needed to make a beanbag for myself. I've concluded that it must've been my unfulfilled wish as a child to have a beanbag chair. I did have an inflatable chair and a beaded curtain, though. The seventies was alive and well in the nineties.

I also wanted to prove to myself that I could sew in a circle. And I have an affinity for piping and after my first solo reupholstery attempt, I've had my eye out for other projects. So i guess there are more reasons than my missing childhood beanbag. I can't turn down an opportunity for fabric, either. And you've guessed it: enter Pinterest.

I followed this fantastic tutorial and upped my measurements for a larger, 25-inch diameter pom.

First, I taped together sheets of printed paper and made a circle with my makeshift compass, which was a string on a stick in the center and a pen to draw the diameter.

Are there better ways to make a circle? I surely hope. But this did the trick.

Next I cut out two circles and pieced together a strip for the middle. Then I pinned the cording and sewed it around the two circles.

I was incredibly proud of myself at this point. I thought sewing in a circle was going to be impossible, much less with thick cording. Seal clapping ensued.

The rest is pretty boring and is better described by the tutorial. I sewed the middle piece to one circle, pinned it to the other circle, and sewed it on that side. In the middle there I also added a zipper.

Then I stuffed the pom with 2.5 bags of polyfill that I had on hand.

I am literally in love. The realization hit when it was finished that I don't really know why I felt so compelled to make it. It does great in holding my clothes.

And in just looking good. Ignore the blah and too-short curtains in that statement. I'm looking for the perfect fabric and trying to live with what I have until then.

I'm thinking I might move into making giant floor pillows after this. It's be the same thing, only square. My grandma has these awesome pillows that we love to lay on when we visit and I have to find something as large or as solid for myself. Plus, it'd be another excuse to buy fabric.

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