Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Desk diligence.

The minute this desk was delivered via my dad to my apartment, I knew it was temporary. It was that ugly. But my previous desk was roughly six feet long, three feet wide, and a million tons. I sat behind it signing important presidential letters. Or studying for the CPA exams. Regardless, it would never fit in my current apartment, so it had to go when I moved. But that's not the desk we're talking about. We're talking about the one that replaced the beast - the one I knew I'd get rid of - this one:

This is not how the desk always looked. This is how the desk looked mid-I-can't-live-with-this-any-longer tirade. Sometimes that happens. Mid-destruction, I forgot that I didn't have a picture of the before.

The hideous shape of this desk wasn't even the worst. The worst was that this desk wouldn't be cleaned. I scrubbed and scrubbed but every week there was this weird black film that would appear and wouldn't easily come off with a Clorox wipe or scrubbing with a cloth. I was sure I was breathing arsenic.

I knew what I wanted: a simple desk, straight lines, symmetrical, and a drawer for pens and small things. It just took about ten months to find. Overstock.com came through for me with this. To me, it was an exact replica to the West Elm version I'd been lusting over, but differed on an important factor: the price.

The reviews said that the desk wasn't shiny enough, and in my intense excitement, I ran out, bought a can of glossy spray paint, and waited at the door like a loon. That's an exaggeration. I only stalked the delivery man.

And you know what? I think the finish is fine. At least, fine enough that I didn't want to commit to any spray painting. And it's been a month. And as Cat said, there's a fine line between lacquered white furniture and shiny white kid furniture.

Notice any other changes? The giant daffodil perhaps? For Christmas, my sisters got my a gift card to my favorite photo-to-canvas printing place: Canvas Pop. I'm not paid or perked by them to throw out their name. I'm just obsessed with my personal artwork and after trying a few places with Groupon and Living Social offers, I like their pictures and process best. After much deliberation and a few mock-ups, I chose this picture taken from the Kuekenhof Gardens in Amsterdam. I've always had an affinity for daffodils, solidified by their status as the March flower (and my birthday month). I wasn't sure I was a flower person, but it's a cheery welcome in the morning. It helps that it's 30x20 inches, and I can make it out and I stumble toward my alarm clock without my glasses.

I also added the brown leather ottoman from Target. I was browsing for storage solutions and stumbled on this guy when he was on sale ($15 off!) for reasons I don't know. I do know that he was the only one left and I snatched him up and dodged carts in my dash to the checkout. It was such a rush that I left Cat in the store and had to call her after I had safely secured the ottoman in the car. I couldn't trust setting down the guy and calling her beforehand. I may have issues.

I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to store EVERYTHING from my previous desk. I'm still in love.

As for the previous pictures? They're next to my dresser now.

This is the view from my doorway. It's horribly framed and the sizes of things are all skewed (the daffodil is BIG), but you get the idea. And my curtains are too short. And the lighting in my room is still horrible. The desk needs a lamp, and maybe even the dresser. It's been on the list, and probably will be for another ten months.

But let's not focus on that.

I've got a new desk with a new canvas and I don't think I'm breathing diseases anymore. Huge upgrade though, right?! Oh, happy day!

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