Monday, April 9, 2012

Soft Scrapbooking.

My roomie's moving mid-summer. She's gone through a rough couple of months and is moving back to her hometown. I'm bummed; we've been great roommates and the perfect motivators to get each other out and being active, even if the activity is the walk to the shops. She'll be missed, but now I have another person in another city to visit :)

This also calls for a send-off, and I'm nothing if but a planner. Though it's months away, I've started brainstorming her house-warming. Some things she's mentioned directly (like a brick) while others are more vague (she said she needs something of all my craftiness). 

So to start with the latter. If you're not already aware, I have a pillow problem. Over the course of our living together, she's seen almost every pillow get a new cover. I'm not exaggerating. There's been about ten in eight months. That's made even more impressive by the fact that I made them all and went through two audit busy seasons (for the uninitiated, that means 2-3 months of working until 10-11 PM and working Saturdays, and usually Sundays. It's just as bad as it sounds). I could not stop covering pillows though. 

So that's what I started: a pillow of all my pillows.

I started by cutting strips of leftover fabric in varying lengths and widths. To then unify these pieces to the same length, I used pieces of a grey fabric that I found in the JoAnn remnants bin.

Recognize my knockoff pillow, ottoman, and tie pillow in there? Once I had my strips, I sew them together lengthwise. When I had a long piece that made a good pillow size when folded in half, I stopped and did just that. I folded the fabric right-sides in and sewed around 3.5 sides. I left an opening the flip the pillow right-side-out and to stuff it.

I'm not quite there yet, but it looks pretty good in its flat form.

See how the shape gets a bit wonky above the circles? That's my opening to stuff this puppy later.

I'm waiting to fill it because I want to stencil in our apartment number (see the faint outline on the right-hand picture?) My fabric market, leftover from this pillow, just didn't have it in him to give me three measly numbers. 

I was really worried about this pillow typing together, but that's a lot to be all up in one square, but I'm really like this half-finished result. I think the grey is definitely necessary- this had quite the disaster potential, but the neutral breaks it up and helps it all to blend into her more grey and purple decor. 

Best of all, she'll now have the reminder of my craftiness that she wanted. Bonus: maybe it'll be the perfect pillow for cat naps and day dreams that'll inspire her own craftiness (I did teach her how to use a sewing machine not too long ago). Or maybe that's wishful thinking - but we are always trying to push our craftiness onto each other. 

I'm rambling. Another pillow! But this one is collecting memories. 

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