Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sheering Sweater and Sheet Sheep.

And for good measure: shoop, shoop.

Did you guys know that you can shave the little cotton pills (is that what they're called?) off of things? I'm going to assume not because if you have and you've been holding out, well. Well. That wouldn't be very nice.

Here's my sheet before - look at all those little sheep:

I took a cheap razor I had laying around. It's the kind that comes in pack of three and is literally just three blades. I can't ever use these because it's a bloodbath. I can barely shave my legs with my Venus razor and guard thing without getting a knick - so these things have just sat under my sink. Well, they sat there until my toes were feeling these little sheep on my sheets when I was trying to get comfortable and slip into sleep. It was incredibly frustrating. Like when your jammie pant legs aren't hitting the same spots on your ankles. And you fix it, lay back down, then they go uneven again until you finally have to sleep pantless. Just me?

Moving on. I was hoping a run through the washer would wash out the sheep. No luck. I didn't think I would have luck. I had heard of the razor trick as an alternative to the sweater shavers that they sell on QVC and whatnot. I couldn't trust those though because I generally don't trust product advertised as a two-for-one if you call in the next ten minutes deal. I don't actually know if they were sold like that. That's just how I perceived it. I'm probably totally wrong. Regardless, I didn't have the official sweater shearer. I had a cheap razor. So I shaved my sheet like a leg.

And DO YOU SEE THAT?! NO MORE SHEEP! Rather, the sheep are gathering in the bottom in a sort of sheep huddle. A sheep huddle that can be removed so as not to disturb slumber. This post is brought to you by the letter S and my excessive use of such.

With such great success, I took my method to two sweaters and am happy to report the same outcome: less sheep and a restored sweater. And I'm incredibly excited.

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