Thursday, April 12, 2012

Floating Fabulousness.

Alternatively, I could have title this 'See how many colors my very poor lighting can make this one wall look.

Taking a page out of the Young House Love book, I hopped on to CB2 and got three of these floating wall vases. Well, the figurative book. I can't wait for the literal book in the fall though! I've been looking and debating some hanging wall vases for a while. I really liked this:

Found via Pinterest, originally from here.

I didn't have a hunk of wood though and wasn't in love. I've kept coming back to this concept, too:

Found via Pinterest, originally from here.

But I didn't have frame, I couldn't find the right frames for cheap, and it wasn't happening quickly enough. Instead, I had a blank, stark white roughly four-foot wide wall that greeted you the minute you opened the door. And it was less than welcoming.

These teardrop vases were introduced at just the right time. I plucked three twig branches from a cherry blossom in the neighborhood and was totally sold. These guys are perfect.

Isn't this so much more cheerful? It brings some much needed color into our [forcibly] neutral apartment. The right side of this photo is the hall down to my room, bathroom, and the laundry closet. To the left you can see the mantle peeking out. 

Ooooh, moooodyyyy.

Here's the view from the coat closet at the end of the hallway to my room. The fireplace is tucked in the right corner. That's the reading nook in the distance (with my fabulous shell). The couch is to the left.

And this is the view from the couch as I sat under the cherry blossom panel closest to the door. They're much closer in real life and the burst of life is perfect on this 7-month blank wall.

Totally confused by the layout? Check out this post. Mind you, this was soon after move in and there are boxes so much improvement to be done. Maybe an update is due.

I know I can't be the only YHL fan that saw what a great idea these vases were (and are!) - did you get some too? I'd love to see. I think they would look awesome in a line - with different color water in each - like a rainbow. Maybe I need some more.

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