Monday, April 2, 2012

Budget Art.

Dad needed something for his walls. It needed to be cheap and disposable after his stay. I had just the colorful magazines.

I took colorful magazines and fun designs and cut them into strips.

Then I pasted them on a piece of posterboard.

I was making two at once. With the second, I cut out circles in varying shapes and swirls and pasted them on another posterboard.

I laid my sayings out on top of the colorful areas.

Then I took the spray paint to boards. Grey for one and white for the other.

I flopped the letters off as soon as I was done spray painting. After it had enough time to dry, I traced the letters in Sharpie - yellow and lime green for the 'Let's Be Adventurers' and bright blue for 'Explore.'

I love how the circles come out in the background of the 'Explore' - kind of like the out of focus light photographs.

I think they're an awesome reminder to take in everything where you are - there's always something exciting, regardless of your place, and we have to take full advantage and live without regrets. They're colorful and light (a must for the flight) and disposable. Everything rolled in to one. And the super bonus? Totally free. Everything is probably on hand where you are, and if not, it's definitely all under $10. Art doesn't have to be expensive :)

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