Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tailoring Trials.

I've been acting like a grown-up a lot lately. I got my first apply-for-by-myself credit card last week and after three years of procrastination, took my work pants in for some tailoring. My mum has told me since I started shopping for work clothes that I need to learn how to tailor. I have the strangest body shape and quite possibly the largest rib cage. I'm 5'4" and my ribs measure 40-inches around. Seriously people, it's weird.

So as a result, most of my clothes are a little too big because i think that's safer than going too small to work. And I'm too lazy to do much about it.

After getting my pant done though, a fire was light.

First up, a dress. It was always a little big, but I could pull the bow a little tighter to cinch it at the waist. That helped, but made it more obvious that the dress was too big. I flipped it inside-out, pinned it from the bottom of the arm hole to the bottom hem, and sewed about an inch in from the original seam.

Bad lighting. Sorry. Nighttime photos happen when you have a job. But I'm not wearing a box anymore! Just a wonky bow that could use some work.

Next up: This tank I found for $10 at Burlington that could've housed two more arms out of those huge holes.

But that print wanted to come home with me so bad. I don't like to disappoint.

So I pinned that baby down, keeping the original seam at the exact fold.

At first I sewed a straight line an inch in from the edge. That's the line on the right-most side. Then Mum got fancy on me and showed me how to sew at a bit of a curve so the waist was tighter and the bottom more flowy.

I would show you an after shot, but I'm such a disease right now that I'm just wallowing in bed when I'm not forced to be up and working. Boo hiss.

But I'm not ending on a negative note. No no no. To tailoring! Because the worst thing that could happen is that you rip out your stitch and have your original garment. And that's not the worst :)

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