Monday, March 12, 2012

Stevie Sleepy Bag.

This infinite abyss is my bag.

There are many perils in there, waiting to snatch the naivety of my sweet, innocent iPhone, Stevie. Yes, he has a name. As a new iPhone owner, I treat him like the precious baby he is. And so I had to keep him safe from the keys, the mace, the lipgloss, the almonds (?) and anything else that might end up there.

So to start. I folded a piece of fabric in half with the printed side on the inside (so it's inside-out). I pinned down a hem at the top. Using my phone as a guide, I placed pins down each side, leaving a teensy bit of wiggle room. Remember, it's always easier to sew in a little tighter than to rip out a seam to make it bigger.

Then I sewed a straight seam down each side.

I popped in Stevie (see him shining through?) to test my seams. I'm holding the case by the excess and he's not slipping out. Success!

Then I sewed down the hem piece at the top with a zig-zag stitch. I trimmed the excess and flipped it right-side out.

And that's it! A sleepy bag for Stevie to protect his screen while he swims in my bag. Now I don't have to worry about my keys getting his glass.

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