Monday, March 26, 2012

She sells seashells a tad father from the sea shore.

Remember how I made my friend a t-shirt blanket of her UNC shirts? I think I should throw in that I went to Ohio State - just so we're clear. We're good enough friends that our colleges don't come between us - except in March Madness.

Anyway. None of that is the point. I just remembered that I never threw out my allegiance. 

Still not the point. Look what she got me as a thank you!

I'd been lusting over this admittedly totally pointless shell, and thanks to pinterest, and her sitting next to me at work, she knew all about it. And she was forced to look at it and debate the merits of shells.

It turns out that this beautiful piece is an awesome addition to the coffee table in our reading nook. It broke up all the leafiness that was going on in there, and it became the perfect house for my fabric artichokes. I had some additional styrofoam balls from that project and covered two in twine for some different texture and color.

I'm so excited about this.  Can decorating really make people this happy? It can't be just me, right?

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