Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Polish Grabs from Zoya's Spring Deal.

This is a really pointless post and really just about how I love nail polish. And deals.

So ZOYA had another deal to kick off the spring: buy three get three. So I did that and then split an order with the roomie. And I do feel slightly ashamed that I thought I needed nine nail polishes. Then I rationalized it out. If I paint my nails once a week, that's 52 weeks, and that requires a lot of polish. Granted, I paint my nails more like 30 weeks of the year, and sometimes that means it's lingering the next week and is chipping and disgusting, so maybe I should revise that to 20 weeks, and my toenails stay the same color for about two months. But I'm trying. This is the year of saying 'yes' (because nothing is ever as bad as it seems) and keeping my nails nice and colorful.

So this is my bad paint job! I was so happy to see all my pretty polishes that I was just throwing paint on. This is one coat of everything, so it would be better with more coats and less seal-clapping.

Top picture: Thumb: Lo, Pointer and across: Audrina, Pippa, Caitlin, Snow White
Bottom Picture: Thumb: LC, Pinkie and across: Sam, Mitzi, Skylar, Jules.

LC reads more red in real life. It definitely have some coral undertones, but it doesn't look as orangey as it looks here. Sam is my roomie's but I love it and it's now on my list for the next deal. It's my namesake, after all, and a good fall shade.

My friend sent me her nails as well. Because this if what we do.

Thumb: Malia, Pointer and across: Chloe fleck, Pippa, Phoebe, Ali.

She said Ali is more pink than it shows - like almost hot pink. I'm loving Malia and Phoebe in there. Both Phoebe and Mitzi are matte colors. Super super bright and matte. I love it. I wasn't sold on the Chloe fleck online but she has it over a light pink she had on and I love it. She said it reads super nice.

Did anyone else get in on this? I would love to see how the colors look because I spend hours on the site leafing through and debating slight variations of the same shade. It's nice to see a picture and be like 'Yes, that does look good. Add to cart.' That's how Caitlin got in my cart this time.

And my desire to nail-art-it-up is refreshed. Maybe something in the spirit of the Cherry Blossom Centennial? Well, we'll have to wait until I get through some meetings this week and can go all out on my little mobile canvases.

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