Thursday, March 22, 2012

Men's Tie Upcycle.

I loved this the minute I saw it. As head curator of Dad's closet, I had just the materials, too.

I followed the tutorial from here and didn't take pictures because it wouldn't have really been helpful. I am going to detail my steps though because I had to read the source page more than once to understand. It may have been that I was doing this while watching reruns of Harry Potter.

What you'll need:
  • A tie
  • A seam ripper
  • Needle and thread to match the tie
  • Wooden beads - I used 25mm Craftwood beads, but this will depend on your look

1. Deconstruct the tie, carefully pulling out the stitches and the tags. You can throw out the innards. Iron the tie flat.
2. Cut the tie into a long rectangle. Mine was 60-inches long and roughly 2.75-inches wide, because that's how wide my tie was at its skinniest point.
3. Sew the tie into a tube, right-side of the material in, leaving one end open. Be careful with this because the silky material easily pops stitches. I had to go back over a few places and redo the seam.
4. Turn the tube right-side out. I went 10-inches down from the closed end of the tube and tied a knot. I dropped in a bead, tied a knot, and continued for 10 beads, which was also when I had matching slack on each side. I used 25mm Craftwood beads from JoAnns, from the woodworking/painting section. They're just what I found. I haven't worn it yet, but I tried it on with a t-shirt and that number of beads worked for me. I'm not opposed to ripping it open and making readjustments if need be, either. Update: I have worn it and I've gotten multiple compliments! One friend asked if it was from JCrew and was shocked that she could do this herself at a quarter of their price, if not less.
5. Sew the open end of the tube closed.

I love that it's a personal fashion piece. I would love to flip through Grandpa's closet and see if he has any cool ties to part with that I can repurpose.

What do you think? Any ugly ties turned pretty in this patten? I'd love to see your creation!

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