Monday, March 19, 2012

Crayon Crafting.

You've seen it a million times on Pinterest: the melted crayons. Roomie and I hadn't tried it yet and she thought it was fine time we marked it off. We skipped off to JoAnn's and got some new sharp, shiny crayons and 20x20 canvases. 

Cat started by glueing her crayons in a modified sort of rainbow (because she wanted the blacks and browns) with a thin strip of hot glue flush with the top of the canvas. 

Then we took it outside and directed the blow dryer at it. We started with it lying down flat.

But we found that the crayons melted better when the canvas was propped up. Keep the area covered with a drop cloth - the crayons do splatter!

The beautiful finished product!

Stephie (and her boy) also made one. She did a patten centered around her favorite color: yellow. She also kept the Crayola label facing out, while Cat chose to put the color name out.

I love how the same project turned out different for both of them. I love them.

And then there's me. I had to try something a little different. I chopped up some crayons and laid them on my canvas.

At first, I tried the blow dryer. Crayons everywhere. I wanted some sort of bubble wrap effect. So I laid down bubble wrap and used the blow dryer on on top. Crayons weren't melting, bubble wrap was ripping, crayons were still blowing.

So plan B: I laid wax paper down (and a piece of fabric on top) and ironed, hoping to keep the individual pieces.

Instead my canvas was a bit of a blob and my wax paper had the pretty pieces.

So I had to abandon and regroup. Still not sure how I'm going to make this work, but it's going to work - if only through sheer determination. I hear a heat gun might work better and not blow the crayon bits around. Anyone have any tips and tricks? Do share! I love the cut outs and crayons melting over them too. Any plans to revamp my start of a mess?

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