Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charging Caddy.

I've seen variations of this on Pinterest, but thought it would be an over-accessory. It would be an item specialized for one gadget that would be fine otherwise charging on the desk.

Then from this picture, taken from Pinterest, I didn't understand how it would work. What fabric is strong enough to stand up like that? The link from Pinterest is to a blog in a language I can't read, so that wasn't a help. So I forgot about it.

Then my sister emailed me this picture:

She found a plastic version made out of a lotion bottle. It made much more sense to me, though still wasn't for me. Then the lightbulb: Dad. He needs this. He loves charging his cell phone in the kitchen, specifically in the outlet right next to the sink and the sometimes leaky faucet. The office is on the same floor, with ample counter space and water-free charging outlets. It's a matter of contention. As the daughters in this situation though, my sisters and I keep the peace by helping to adjust behaviors after it's obvious the desired correction isn't happening.

That makes it sound much more serious. It's really not that serious.

Regardless, we are now a well-lotioned family and have heads of great-smelling hair.

I started by taking off the lid and carefully cutting off the top piece (the spout and connection to the lid), and cutting a U-shape on the front panel.

Then I grabbed the plug, held it to the back on the outside, and traced a rough outline in Sharpie on the inside. 

Wondering why the plug's so big? It's a Belkin Conserve Outlet. It's awesome. I'm not paid or perked to say this, I just love it. I bought one for everyone in the family. You plug it into the outlet and then your charger into it. On the side, there's an option for 1/2-hour, 3-hour, and 6-hours of power. You select that amount of time then push the button on top to turn it on. After the time's up, the outlet shuts off and won't take take the power. I found it's perfect for charging my phone overnight, and I think it might help the phone battery because it won't be sitting there, draining power, after it's already fully charged. 

Small aside. Where were we? Outline. Okay. Then I got an exacto knife and even more carefully than the scissor cutting, I cut out the back panel.

Then I did some resizing. The back needed to be a bit wider and the U-cut had to be a bit deeper. I kept making adjustments until my phone fit in with the chunky charger.

Huzzah! Added bonus - it fits about the counter lip. Now the phone can charge without fear of water, if it must be in the kitchen. I might snazz it up, but I think that would be more random doodles. Thinking of it.

PS - March is National Craft Month!! Happy crafting!

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