Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Centennial Cherries.

It's the Cherry Blossom Centennial this year. As a local, it's a double-edged sword. I love giving directions and feeling all important when I can point someone to the mall or to the nearest food, but the traffic is horrendous. But above all that, the trees are gorgeous, the weather is warm, and it's invigorating. It's exciting.

And it called for some nail art. 

On her nails: Essie's Coat Azure (two coats) and a little cherry blossom with Essie's French Affair. Both of those colors are from Essie's Spring 2011 collection, which is fabulous. I'm also in love with Sand Tropez and Topless & Barefoot in that collection. They're really great nudes. 

I did my roomie's toes with cherry blossoms and polka dots, but we didn't get a picture. They look good though, in case you were worried. We can never do her nails because she chews them down to the point of bleeding pain. This is a public call out: take your fingers out of your mouth. I can picture her slowly lowering her hand, haha. Anyway, we did two coats of Zoya's Kristen with the same French Affair from Essie as the cherry blossoms and little dots. This was done the same way I did the nails - with a toothpick and a little amount of polish. It was meticulous and took longer than a minute, but the result is worth it for the centennial! Another aside since you can't see it: Zoya's Kristen color is a like a periwinkle, so her nails are super spring-y.

Oh, this post is all over the place. No use salvaging. So if you've never seen the cherry blossoms and this was to be your year, get here soon. Like be here yesterday soon. They bloomed early this year because of the super mild winter, and they're in full full bloom. If you wait until the end of the centennial celebration later in April, I'm afraid you could miss them in all their glory. If you need any motivation, I was told that the trees here are unlike any in the world. Like this is the only place you can see them. I heard it from a friend, so it's unsubstantiated, but it makes sense. I'll save you from my version of the story - check out the real deal here. And Happy Cherry Blossom Centennial! And Happy Spring!

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