Thursday, February 2, 2012

Val-Day Votives.

I have a serious love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day, but that pinterest makes me love gosh near everything. And so I'm getting into this holiday a little more whole-heartedly.

Here's the original:
Originally from here.
My roommate and I gathered up our appropriately-colored tissue paper, the homemade modge-podge, and cleaned out some candle jars.

And we just got to it - slapping paper on the jars. The first one I made, I cut a piece of white to cover the jar and overlap a bit on the top and bottom. Then I layered on hearts and a strip of the wordy paper. The second was started the same way - one or two complete layers around the jars, then hearts and accents on top.

Because you're working with tissue paper, the layer of modge-podge has to be thin. Otherwise, as we learned, it gets soaked and rips pretty easily. I stuck the sponge brush in the bottle once and used the excess to add everything on top. Really - the drier the better.

That was it. We let it dry overnight and they were done. Really easy peasy.

My roommate made fluttery hearts by only sticking a very little amount of modge-podge on the center fold of the heart. We're thinking now that we probably should have glittered some too - maybe like the clear crystal glitter that just catches the right amount of light. Ah, well. I love the way they softly glow with a candle inside, too. Makes it a little warmer in these cold months.

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