Thursday, February 23, 2012

T-shirt Blanket Tutorial: Sewing Stage.

This is a continuation of the t-shirt blanket tutorial I started over here. We're on part two in this here post, just so you know!

And we're jumping right in.

The sewing stage is a series of straight lines and shouldn't be too frustrating if the majority of your shirts fit whatever size template you chose. The more shirts you have though, the more cumbersome it can get. Obviously.

To start, I picked a column of the t-shirt blanket I laid out earlier. Then I grouped the shirts within the column into sets of two. I wanted to sew a column and build the blanket from that. You can do this same thing and start with a row, start with a corner, whatever you're comfortable with. Putting the good sides of the shirts together (and note that the shirt that sits below the top one in the column it also upside down), I pinned the shirts to sew a straight line between the two.

I repeated the process with sets of two until the column was all combined. 

Using this column as a template, I then started on the next column. I used the seams to  align shirts and set my pins. When I had my three columns, I pinned adjoining columns together and sewed a line straight down, over the horizontal seams between the individual shirts.

I then did some clean-up on the back, cutting excess shirts beyond the seams. And voila! The front is done.

You can see that I also did an applique sort of deal with the little foot (over the corner of the white and grey shirts, to be more specific). I did this after sewing the columns and used a zig-zag stitch to outline the rectangle twice.

I didn't take a picture, but I cleaned up the shape after this, cutting the excess on the bottom and sides so that each was a straight line.

Next up: finding a backing for the blanket. I've used fleece by the yard from JoAnn's or the clearance standard-size bed blanket cut to size. It all depends on the price and color I'm looking for, but we'll cover all that in the next post.

See part 3 over here.

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