Friday, February 10, 2012

One for the Fun.

I finally  got my Zoya polish in the mail, after a wild goose chase between too many post offices. I could still rant about it. But the important point is that my nail polish is here and for my enjoyment pleasure, and if it's Zoya, it's without all the chemicals and harmful ingredients. You can read more on that here, too. I'm not paid or perked by Zoya, I just find it all very interesting.

Moving on - the perfect Val Day manicure may just be this - a soft pinky-white and a little bit of bling. It's the right amount of sparkle after New Year's while still satisfying my shhiiiiinnnnnyyyyy obsession.

I covered my nails with three coats of Zoya's Gaia. After letting that dry, I covered the pinkie with one coat and a dab to hit a small spot of Essie Luxeffects' Set in Stones. I covered the pinkie because that was the nail that didn't take the third coat all that flawlessly - it still doesn't help that I have horrible patience and cannot not do something while also doing my nails.

But do you love it?!

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