Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart Marks.

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, especially the decorations. I totally believe it was created by card companies and stores to sell more things. Stores get so gaudy right after the Christmas season with atrocious pepto-bismal colored things. However, I did see some adorable white birds at Target - they're a total exception though. But I'll stop being so difficult and get on with it.

I love giving gifts. I love excuses to give gifts. And this is an opportunity.

Do you see my conundrum? I think part most of the reason I dislike the holiday is because I don't want it to tell me to give heart-shaped gifts. I want to do it myself.

Moving on. Heart-shaped corner bookmarks! My family's a bunch of bookworms, and though we got Mum a kindle for Christmas, that just means she's reading one hardback and one kindle book at a time.

To start, I made a heart template that was roughly 1.5 inches wide. I then made a copy of that heart at 80%. I scanned in those hearts for reference here, complete with my tracing lines and all. A real treat.

I then traced the same number of big and small hearts on a variety of thicker scrapbook-type paper and cut them out.

Using a glue stick, I then glued the smaller heart into the center of the larger and gave them a bit to dry. Make sure you have clean hands for this. See that heart in the bottom right with a smudge? I guess I had glue and fuzz on me and the poor guy was the victim. Didn't see it coming.

That smudged guy then became my tester. Using an exacto-knife, I traced along the bottom half of the smaller heart, cutting through the paper on the bottom to create an opening. Don't trace along to top bumps or you'll just have two separate hearts. I know the color looks a little different, but I can assure you that this is the same smudged guy. I don't know why he looks a little different. It's killing me too.

Anyway, that's it! You've got a heart page-corner bookmark perfectly suited for your bookworm friends and family.


  1. did you remake these or find the originals that mysteriously disappeared?

    1. I remade a bunch and then one day when I was home I saw a ziploc of them on the counter. Mum found the original bag in her cross-stitch supplies. No idea how that happened but now there are double.

    2. 1. i never received one of these.
      2. your blog writing voice has become very amusing as of late.

  2. Really?! This must be remedied.


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