Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fabric Pen Pillow.

I am in love with this pillow. I know I have a serious pillow problem (see here and here and here, for starters), but this for real, guys. This guy's right behind the felt circle ruffle guy.

I started with some leftover linen fabric from too-long Ikea curtains that keep on giving. Then I picked up a letter stencil at JoAnn's ($3) and a Tee Juice Fine Point black fabric pen ($2).

After ripping up a large cardboard photo envelope and taping my fabric around it for a tight surface, I started a-tracing. I didn't plan it out or use a ruler. I just went with it. If I started sloping, I erased and went back. Stencils are nice for this too because you can eyeball the edges of those around and match up your next.

Once the pencil deal was to my liking, I broke out the pen. I used the stencil to trace an outline of the letters overtop of the pencil (or slightly adjusted if I still didn't like the placement) one row at a time, then went back and colored them in.

My pen said the ink would need to be heat set, so then I turned the iron on to the linen setting and ironed this guy out. I started with the good-side down, but there wasn't any bleeding or running, so I flipped him over and ironed right on the letters too. Just to be extra-sure and extra-safe. And rest assured, your ironing board and all else is safe.

Then I had some erasing to do. In some spots, I adjusted the letter right before the fabric pen hit the fabric, leaving some letters with a pencil-shadowing effect.

Nothing a little scrub couldn't handle.

Sorry for all the funky lighting swaps - most of this project was done in my hotel room while bouncing around for work. So lame - coloring on a pillow while watching The Bachelor, but someone has to do it.

All that was left was to sew his four sides together and stuff him and call him wonderful. Except at this point, I then thought, 'This might look good in a frame.'

But then I thought I could always go back to putting it in a frame. For now, my furry nephew wanted it stuffed.

I think he made the right decision.

In person, you can see it all. The shadows and lighting are playing on it here though to look more cut-off. That's not to say that I didn't struggle a bit with the stuffing though, trying to find the perfect balance between overstuffed and unreadable and flat and weird. Again, for now, it works.


  1. " So lame - coloring on a pillow while watching The Bachelor, but someone has to do it. "

    hmm...interesting thought that this just must be done in this way...

  2. Wahhh just let me think that my lameness is normal.


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