Monday, February 6, 2012

Cat's Cute Cards.

I think I'll try to use alliteration on everything she does now, since we already started on a good foot.

Cat is awesome at cards.  It makes me so jealous because I don't ever know where to start, and she just whips these things out and they look like they'd be $20/each. She's seriously awesome. And she made some seriously awesome Val Day cards.

She started with a clear-ish red envelope.

Then she used a thick card and glued an enveloped on it. She decorated the envelope with heart stickers and the top of the card with a heart garland and/or ribbon.

Inside the little envelope, she slipped in a card with a simple message in her swirly curly writing. Adorable and so Val Day appropriate and sweet.

Here's some more ideas from the cards we made with cardstock and craft paper, glitter, glue, tissue paper leftover from the votives and some supercute felt cupcake stickers.

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