Monday, January 2, 2012

Yankee Candle Coasting.

I'm a candle fiend. I'm not brand loyal, but I have a lot of Yankee Candles because of their awesome sales and coupons. My mum has this same problem, only hers is much more serious and involves an entire shelf of candles. She's building her own store in the game closet.

Along with that store comes a bunch of dead candles. You know, when the wick won't light but there's still wax. Mum saves all of those. She hasn't been sure why, but I used an empty container for a sweater vase, so her stockpile paid off for me. For a while though, she's had the lids to the tumbler jars hanging around. She uses them for coasters occasionally, but they're not pretty enough to keep out all the time.

Enter maps. I picked up an outdated road atlas at Macy's for $3 before Christmas and with Mum's musings of what she wanted, I picked up on the fact that she wanted maps of the cities where her girls went to college. 

I first made a paper template out of flimsy notebook paper. I found this is easiest because you can sort of see through the paper when you're centering it on a map to decide what to include in the cut. 

Then I did some fine trimmings to make the map fit in the candle lid. I guess I should mention that I first ripped out the plastic seal of the Yankee lid. It was held it with what looked like double-stick tape, so I just pulled and pried it out.

I then covered my map circles with contact paper. And did some more fine trimming around the edges. 

I wasn't sure how mod-podge would work on metal, and I wasn't really sure if the Yankee lid was even metal, so I used spray adhesive on the bottom of the lid. 

And donezo! A set of maps of our colleges for Mum and a set of current locations of loved ones for Dad.

The lip of the lid edge keeps the cup all contained. That's a really bad try at describing this. The fold? Regardless, party on the inside.

And yes, it's summer all year long here. Or it's summer here to start the year? Happy New Year!

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