Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swirly Nails.

It's all over Pinterest: marbled nails. I pinned it, but then I just left it there. It wasn't until last week when I was talking to my friend and getting some polish from the free ZOYA deal (SO excited to get my polish!) that I remembered I had pinned nail arty-things and that I should actually attempt them. So I roped in my sister.

My friend warned me that the result for her wasn't great, but we had to try it too.

We started with a little pot of room-temperature water. I then dropped in an ample amount of CoverGirl Continuous Color in Satin Mauve (that's the orangey-red). I let that spread for a bit before dropping in some N.Y.C. Nail Glossies in 239 (the purple). I used a toothpick to swirl up the colors. 

I already missed a step. Before any of the above, I painted a coat of light pink on my sister's nails. It was so light that it was clear, so it was basically pointless, but whatever.

I then dipped my sister's nails into the paint water until the entire nail was submerged. It comes out all gloppy and a big-ol-mess, so make sure you've got towels/newspaper/anything that you don't care to be ruined with a bit of drippy gloppy nail polish.

So then it's a lot of clean-up with the nail-polish remover, cotton balls, toothpicks, and anything and everything you can use to get some sort of nail back out of there. I started with a remover-soaked cotton ball on the fingers and any large areas, then used a tooth pick to pull up some of the extra goop on the nail and do the best smooth-out I could, then wrapped some cotton around the point of a toothpick to do the finer work around the cuticles.

The verdict? Ehhhhh. This project was real mess and very time consuming. I don't know if I'm patient enough to do it again, and I definitely wouldn't do it on my own nails. I would have paint on my face and everywhere else if that was the case. It's pretty gloopy in some places, but where it's awesome, it's awesome. I love the stripes in this shot:

I had to do it because everyone makes it look so easy, but that was not the case for this girl. Any tips and tricks for an easier process? That would probably make this much more fun. Until then, I'm avoiding this messy process and will just put my swirls in on top.

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