Monday, January 9, 2012

The Most Spoiled Dad.

Here's some (potentially embarrassing) facts about my dad:
  • He's 50.
  • He's an engineer.
  • I've been picking out his clothes for maybe six years.
Okay, so only the last point was the embarrassing piece. Dad's not ashamed though. My sisters and I blame my mum - she's not very subtle with her displeasure when my dad comes home in a poorly matched shirt and pant. Poor Dad. However, that hasn't been a problem for a while because he only has the chance to go rogue on weekends - he can't mess up jeans and a sweater, so it's only the occasional day trip where he tries something slightly off that yields that response.

But now comes the big obstacle: my dad's hopping the pond for up to two years on a job rotation. I can't get to England every two months or so for a quick weekend visit and clothes layout. My dad suggested that I do Garanimals, but there was no way I could sew a lion, and then the multitude of other animals, into all of his clothes. My friend suggested I make outfits and take a picture of each and then put them on a calendar. Working on that string, my sister set to taking pictures. She found in the process that the number of Dad's clothes were ridiculous. The outfits were endless. We were going to be outfitting for a while. So being the Type A that she is, she redirected our mission and starting taking pictures of all his ties. Simultaneously, she typed up a description of each tie because of the poor photo quality and print job (which we did on regular paper). We then cut out the ties and descriptions and glued them to notecards.

Dad was going to have a flipbook.

We decided to letter his pants and number his shirts. I started making letters on the sewing machine, but to make them small enough to attach to a tag was asking way more of my skills. We tried some back-stitching on some cross-stitch fabric then. This was one too many steps. We skipped to straight stitching letters on the pant tags and numbers on the bottom of the buttons of the shirts.

Then we got to outfit optioning. We listed the combinations and variations on the notecards, so it was like an outfit battleship. Shirt 5 with Pant K and blue-green tie. Ship sunk. Win!

My sister, again in typical Type A fashion, made Dad do a trial run. So far, so good. We'll have to see what happens when we stop over for a visit across the pond though to be sure.

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