Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Believe that's Olive.

If you say that with an accent, it's much funnier.

My sister and I made a march of the penguins for my mum's holiday cheer party. We made up the recipe as we went (thus why one of the earlier penguins has platform shoe-feet), but there's a great tutorial here.

We used medium-sized olives. For the belly, we made a slice on one side and stuffed cream cheese in the middle. We used a damp towel to wipe off the excess.

And those peppermint nails? They took me way too long, and Stephie already chipped one. womp womp. I just typed 'womp womple' there. I think I should try and make that a saying instead of 'womp womp.'

Moving on. So we've got an olive cut lengthwise and stuffed with cream cheese. An olive lays perpendicular on top of that and a toothpick gets shoved down like a backbone. We then cut a circle for the feet and took out a triangle hunk so he'd have some sort of definition. The nose/beak on the horizontal olive was the trickiest, but we found that you should start big then trim down and put the beak in the scrunchy side of the olive. Otherwise, it's a triangle carrot beak in a hollow hole. And that make the penguin look vacant and weird and sort of evil like.

That's a lot of words for a little appetizer that no one really ate because it was too cute and no one likes olives. But it was an easy way to decorate the food table and people really enjoyed it. So now that it's after the holidays, you can just write that in the book for next year. Or keep it in mind for your Pittsburgh Penguin parties :)

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