Monday, January 16, 2012

Circle Pillow Knockoff.

I thought the next pillow I made was a knock-off of something once at Target. As I type this though, I cannot find this pillow in my head anywhere. So maybe I dreamed it - because sometimes that happens and I have a very hard time remembering if it's real and happened such a long time ago that I don't know all the details, or if it's just a dream.

Regardless, I had leftover felt circles from my felt ruffle pillow. 18 circles to be exact. So I played around with some arrangements, but couldn't get over the simplicity of this:

All of the circles are an inch apart. I really like the symmetry. And after all of my other pillows, a little simplicity was needed in the mix. So I pinned down those babies and sewed 8 straight lines through the middles each way to get to this:

It looks like there's a horizontal line down the center of that picture, but I didn't sew a line there, so it must just be some general light trickery. Disregard these shenanigans. To make these circle circle dot dots into a pillow, I measured an inch from all the edge circles and pinned on the back piece of fabric, right sides together. I then sewed around the square, leaving an opening to turn it right-side out and stuff it.

Isn't she puuuurty, sitting there with her new friends? And the button pillow got a new place in the house (and a new pillow to cover, thus why he's filled out a little, but looks so much better)!

Here's a shot from the other side of the plants into our reading/sitting nook. And a new pillow arrangement, just to keep everyone on their toes.

And I know the pillows are really holding your attention, but check out the wonky aloe in the center. That guy's going all weirdy, dipping and shooting out new guy all over the place - i love it!

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