Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bracelet Fancy.

It very well may be the sleep deprivation during busy season: part 2, but my social interactions are going downhill fast. I do not know how to respond to compliments.

Case and point:
Coworker: 'I love your bracelet!'
Me: 'Thanks! I was feeling bracelet fancy!'

Weird looks ensued. I cannot interact like a normal person, and this has to be my 1284903815 realization of that.

Anyway. You want to be bracelet fancy, huh? [And now you can start humming to the tune of 'you fancy, huh, oh you fancy, huh' throughout this project.] All it takes is some ribbed (I got the ribbed ribbon stuff in navy blue), matching thread, and beads.

Start by taking a length of thread (and I always bear on the side of caution, so my three-foot length was obviously too long). I left a 6-inch tail on the ribbon (better to be safe than sorry!) and then pulled the thread through the middle of the ribbon, like so:

These pictures are a little rough because my thread and ribbon were so well matched, but I think that picture shows the step. That, and my sister's cat attacking the ribbon as I pulled it from the spool. This project is rough when you're cat-sitting.

Then, poke the needle up back through the ribbon, next to the knot. So you're back on the same side of the ribbon that you just knotted. String on a bead and have the excess thread after the knot poke up there as well, for hiding purposes.

Then, sew back through the ribbon. When you pull tight, the ribbon will fold around half of the bead. Here's a picture to describe it when the thread is loose:

Continue with this pattern, alternating sides of the ribbon. It's like bead accordion (oh, fancy, huh).

Keep going until you've got it around the length of your wrist. To finish this baby off, I knotted the thread on the opposite side of the ribbon than the last bead and then poked the excess back through the ribbon and into the bead to hide it. That might not make total sense, but I just poked around the hide the final knot. Then I made another 6-inch tail and cut the ribbon.

Those two tails allow for a bow instead of a clasp. Fancy, huh.

But really, I wasn't lying when I said this project was hard with cats. Here's my nephew, always the great helper, trying to escape with my string of beads. Silly boy.

Back to it. Pretty, right? And so fancy, huh. Oh you fancy, huh.


  1. copper is so cute. i also like this bracelet!

  2. he's quite the crafter - yesterday he tried to get away with my glitter (and cracked the tube in the process of his gnawing). and thanks!


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