Monday, December 26, 2011


This project came as a special request. And according to my roommate, it's a little creepy, so you've been warned. 

My youngest sister has a horse and I'm not sure how she came across this idea, but she found a site that will take your horse's hair and turn it into jewelry. 

Jewelry from here.
And while she liked the jewelry, she wasn't as into the price tag. So we went to visit Sid for his stall cleaning, and the poor boy was so distracted with my brushing that he didn't notice when I took a chunk out of his tail. I took about 18 inches in length, just to be sure.

And no worries - Sid didn't notice his suddenly lighter tail, and I didn't mess up his handsomeness with some weird tail layering hairstyle. He's still the same pretty boy :)

I then got some jewelry clasps at JoAnn's. I'm not experienced in the jewelry-making process, but I think I made it work.

I made two bracelets of a basic braid. It's a standard braid with the ends super-glued together, and then super-glued to the inside of the clasps, before I used pliers to squeeze them shut. Before braiding, I pulled out all the little hairs, and then after, I snipped any rogue shorter ones that still got in. This meant that rogue Sid hairs were around my carpet for a bit, which was the weirdest part for me - especially because Sid's hair feels like a creepy crawler running up my leg with it tickles you - not the most pleasant thing.

And these are two horrible pictures of them. One shows the detail and the shine of Sid's hair, while the other shows the color. If I could merge them, I would.

Then I made some more fashion-jewelry type bracelets. I braided Sid's hair with some yellow fabric (Steph's favorite color), and tied off the ends. This is more casual, boho-type for summer rides I think. I have all these wearable-situations planned in my head. Though I'm not sure if Sid should meet his bracelet counterpart - wouldn't that totally freak him out? I think it might. The other I wrapped around a bracelet from JoAnn's, with the yellow fabric, and tied and super-glued the ends. I'm not confident in this one's staying ability, but we'll see.

And Stephie loves them! So the rouge wirey hairs are worth it. I hope everyone had a very happy holiday as well!

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