Monday, December 19, 2011

Tree Trimmings.

Mum loves giving me projects. The latest: do something with the tree trunk trimmings we've collected over the years. We used to get a real tree every year, and before the end of the season, we would trim a slice off of the trunk and mark the year. We missed a few years, but have quite the collection before my parents switched to a fake tree last year.

I really like the smiley-faced zeroes. Oh, how embarrassing.

I bounced around some ideas, like ornaments (too heavy for the fake tree) or coasters (Mum cross-stitched a bunch of snowmen coasters last year), and rounded up some inspiration on Pinterest.

I really liked the wreath idea, with some pinecones and twine, but Mum already has a wreath surplus. The abstract art didn't have a place. That narrowed it down to the centerpieces and to the board in the top left and in the bottom right. The centerpieces were nice, but Mum already had decorations for those areas.

I took a piece of scrap plywood and stained it in 'Gunstock.'

Then I made my tree. I used craft glue to secure my trunk cuttings as it was in the house and at room temperature. I would have used wood glue, but it was in the shed and I would have had to wait for it to warm up - delaying my progress. So I probably over-glued in lieu of wood glue.

But after gluing and waiting three hours, all of the pieces were still attached.

I then broke out the silver and clear glitter, the fake berries, some baby's breath, and some rickrack, all on clearance at JoAnn's, and I got a-decorating.

I chose to leave the dates visible, because that's the character. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of cuttings with no memories or meaning.

Mum's not 100% sold on the backing - she's thinking it needs to be cut into the tree shape.

For the time being, it's hanging out by my sweater vases in the dining room. I think it's working. We'll give it a few days before deciding what more tweaks we need.

Thoughts? It's a little cheesy, admittedly, but the holidays are full of some cheesy cheer. And I love it.

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