Friday, December 23, 2011

Polish Stars.

That Pinterest. That Veronica. All that inspiration.

I'll stop being vague. My sister pinned this:

Via pinterest, originally from here.
All of those projects are from magazines. Those sea-urchin guys on the right really caught my eye though. Well, I love the mirror too, but I wasn't into the commitment just now. So I ambled along the internet and saw that those particular urchins were for sale. My bank account isn't into sales these day, unless the price is free. But finding out their price was useful for another reason - the urchins have another name: Polish Stars. AH! I'm Polish! I knew I loved them for a reason. And since they were made out of comics in the sale version, I knew I could try them myself out of magazines. I couldn't find a tutorial that I loved the whole way through, so here's my combined version.

First, I made a four-inch circle template out of the back cover of a magazine. I didn't have one of those circle-drawer things from elementary school, so I drew a bunch of four-inch lines crossing through a central dot.

Then, I gathered a bunch of magazines. I had a bunch of Martha Stewart mags, and she's never short on color. Or beautiful glasses.

I then cut out a bunch of circles. I cut out 14 to be exact, but I only used 12 in my star.

I then folded each of the circles into eight sections.

Next, I cut up an inch on each of the folds.

Then I curled/rolled each of the sections around a pencil. You want to curl on the ugly side of the circle so that the colorful part is on the outside/bottom.

The curls were secured with glue. I recommend a glue stick. I tried regular glue, but that was too goopy and soaked through too much. It helped to keep the pencil in the curl to have something to push against to make sure the glue was doing its job.

This is what it'll look like from the bottom/colorful side after you've gone around and curled and glued all of the sections.

I made twelve of those, like I said above.

Those two dots are intentional in there. I cut out two little circles of cardboard to hold the ends of the star. I then started stringing the individual star/urchin pieces. I tied a knot on a piece of string, then strung on the cardboard circle, and then the first star.

All of the other stars followed, and then the final cardboard circle. I tied a knot on top of that, and then a loop.

Ta da! It was kind of laborious, or maybe my attention span was low. Either way, this guy's going to have to fly solo for a bit before I get more motivation to make him another pair.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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