Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mapping Memories.

Continuing with my map obsession, I bought an out-of-date road atlas on eBay. I stared at it for awhile then overwhelmed myself just thinking of all I could do.

To start, I used this as inspiration:

From pinterest, originally from here.

I found a three-picture frame on Amazon, then got to my heart-shape cutting. I sized them up on the picture frame fillers, then traced and cut them out of my maps.

I then mounted the map hearts on some scrapbook paper. Finally, I captioned the hearts with "We Met," "We Promised," and "We Married" for the places where they met, got engaged, and got married. My captions didn't have punctuation, but I don't know if the commas go inside or outside of the quotes. Dilemmas.

I love it! So much that I was seal-clapping for it. I might need a map intervention.

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