Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mapping the Coast(ers).

I needed to make something map related for myself. I would say that my map frenzy was just continuing, but that would be lying. I was really worried that Pittsburgh would find itself another use and I wouldn't be able to have that little piece of map for myself. 

I picked coasters as my presentation of choice and followed the tutorial from here:

Via Pinterest, originally from here.

To start, I picked up some cork from Michael's. For $5.99, I got four 5 7/8 inch squares of cork. I then used an existing coaster as a template and traced out two circles per cork square to cut four circles from cork and four out of the map.

I then mod-podged the maps to the cork. This is homemade mod-podge everyone! It's super easy to make, and it works. I dumped in two bottles of Elmer's glue (each 4 oz) and added in an equal amount of water (1 cup = 8 oz). I then shook it up, and called it done. Seriously. That easy, and worth the savings. 

Anyway. So I mod-podged the map to the coaster, then put a layer of mod-podge on top. I let it dry, then used an exacto-knife to trim up any map/cork peeking out from either side.

Lastly, I sprayed the coasters with clear acrylic spray paint.

Another easy peasy project, and now I have all my homes in my current home. This would also be great to remember vacations, family in different areas, dream vacations, etc. My place might have an abundance of coasters soon.

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