Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Cheer: On the Rocks.

Here's a quick way to throw some life into the ornaments and nutcrackers and cold ceramic snowmen decor: Amaryllis bulbs!

You can get them in a bunch of different colors and they're super low maintenance. All you need is some stones, a vase, and a bulb.

Place the stones in the bottom of the vase and center the bulb on top. The stones are there to keep the roots from sitting in too much water. Then pour in the water so it's just under the bulb.

We bought two, with the second being a little farther behind the other.

But in one week, he's reached the top of his vase and is looking a lot more green. So note to the future: don't start the bulbs five days before Christmas and expect them to be in bloom. He should be good for some upcoming holiday parties though.

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