Thursday, December 29, 2011

Envelope Pillow.

The pillow set-up on my bed just wasn't doing it for me anymore. Here's where we last left off:

And go easy on the crappy photography. There is no overhead light in my room and I've yet to find a lamp I love. So there is uber poor lighting after 9 am in there. 

Moving on. The felt ruffle pillow really pumped up this pillow party, and the button pillow just couldn't hold his own anymore.

Enter some fabulous leftover fabric from my bedroom bench reupholstering. I am obsessed with the fabric, and have been looking for a use for it for months.

The fabric has a lot going on, so the pillow had to be simple. I cut one piece of fabric to the front size of the pillow. I then cut a back piece slightly longer than necessary. Next, I cut the back piece into two with one piece being 1/3 of the total, and the other being 2/3 by default. I think this description is a little wordy, but hang with me - I now had three pieces of fabric. The two back pieces would make the envelope, so I hemmed one side of each.

To put the pillow together, I laid the right side of the fabrics in. To create the envelope, the hemmed back pieces overlapped about an inch. 

I then pinned about the edges. I normally don't pin, but it's useful in this case because it keeps the envelope line straight across.

I then sewed around with a straight stitch. I trimmed the edges, flipped it right-side out and called it donezo.

I didn't try to line up fabric on the back. If I had any sort of forethought like that, I would have made that blue loopy flower on the bottom center into that blue loopy and green and blue petals on top. But that's not the point. How much better is my pillow party now?

Granted, this picture already stomps on the other because it was taken in the morning during the perfect natural light time, but still. So much better.

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