Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweater Vases.

I consider the day after Thanksgiving to be the official start of winter. I expect snow. Therefore, everyone and everything deserves a big chunky cable knit to keep cozy. First, I needed a cable knit. Enter Goodwill. I didn't find anything for myself, but I found some fabulous knits that my candles and vases would love. 'Tis the season of giving!

Here's my inspiration, found via pinterest, but originally from here.

Don't the candles just look so much more comfy and cozy in their sweaters? Once I saw these, I was a little more than half convinced that I wouldn't need to turn on my heat all winter because just looking at these made me feel warmer.

So I gathered my Goodwill sweater finds, my vases (some of which were empty candle jars), scissors and a glue gun. Two of my sweater sleeves were perfect just to slip over the vase. I first hot glued the  sweater to the top of the vase. I then flipped it over and glued the sweater to the bottom with the least amount of overlap as possible. I cut slits and triangles out of the fabric to ensure that it could sit upright on its own.

One sweater had an awesome cable, but it was a zip-up, and the cables weren't on the sleeves, so some cutting was required first. I cut out the zipper, and then cut a piece long and wide enough to wrap around and into the vase.

I then hot-glued the hem of the sweater that once sat against the zipper along the bottom edge of the vase. I hot-glued up the sides at the seam then glued inside the vase to fold the sweater down in the vase and keep the seam from being noticeable.

It's as easy as that. Thanks to the Black Friday sales, I was able to pick up some sticks and eucalyptus for $2, tops. So now they're sparkly and smelling good. The small guy doesn't have anything yet, so I undershot that purchase, but he'll be filled soon.

And how cozy is that? There's about to be sweaters all up in here. Or at least, in my mum's house, because I couldn't fit these in my suitcase before I left. It's all cozy like a fire without the danger of the flame. Yay!


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