Sunday, November 13, 2011

State Stitch.

I'm obsessed with maps right now. The only obstacle is that I don't really know what to do with them. I can't just inundate my current place with maps - that would be weird. And with my life still in that transient phase, I feel like a lot of maps would be even weirder. I associate maps with family, and I don't know why, but as a single girl, I think a place full of maps may scream 'cray-cray.' (The cray-cray doesn't translate as well when typed - see Project Runway or this definition).

Anyway, pinterest stumblings led to a map present! Tis the season, right?!

Originally from here.
I think the PA state caught my eye, and it was love.

Now for a ramble: my dad's moving to Darby, England, for two years, starting mid-January. I can't really wrap my head around it. I know it's going to be most weird for him and mum, who have been together forever. Not that they're old, but they dated in high school, through college, and have been married for 27 years. Mum's not moving over, because there are animals and her job and the like. My sister is moving over though next summer, which I'm totally jealous about, but that's something different. The whole situation got me to thinking about all my parents have been through, and how close they are, and how much I admire their relationship. And when thinking of that, you can't miss the fact that they are the only ones (apart from my dad's brother) that do not still live in or very near their hometown of Columbiaville, MI. These are big families, and I know it's hard for them when my sisters and I identify and love our hometown of Pittsburgh, while my parents are nostalgic for the cousin time and giant get-togethers in Michigan. So then we have some maps.

I printed the maps off of this site on the full page option.

That turned out to perfectly fit the size of a 5x7 picture. I then used a 5x7 to trace a box around the state. Side-note - the size of the state when you don't go into the 'print version' and are printing off of the site is perfect for a 4x6.

I then cut some fabric bigger than the 5x7, because I'll want to stretch it around the board to make it tight in the frame, and ironed the fabric (as it had been sitting in a pile for who knows how long). I used a bright day and a window to trace the state shape onto the fabric with a regular pencil.

I then stitched the state. You can see the circle I made on Idaho in the right corner - that's the approximation of Pocatello, where my parents once lived. I drew a heart there to stitch in later. I used embroidery thread leftover from some cross-stitching projects to outline the states in dark grey, and red for the heart of where they've lived.

I'll post again when they're framed - which will be after I stop working every day of the week and until the morning hours. I can't wait to give them to Mum!

Update: here's these babies in their $2.99 Target frames. Even better! Though it turns out that the lighting in Steph's apartment could rival mine for its poor quality.

Update part two: I thought about the horrible lighting and gross carpet background for months. To remedy, I took a picture on Mum's living room carpet, in natural light. 

Better, but I also got this one of them on a shelf. 

For good measure, here's a detail shot of Michigan. In the end, none of these pictures are very satisfying; I think these look much better in real life. Alas, I have to stop, and probably get a better camera. 


  1. My parents never lived in Ohio! That'll be in my collection though :)


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