Saturday, November 19, 2011

Presents, of the cross-stitch variety.

I'm definitely becoming my mother in the cross-stitch category. She's a fiend. I still do cross-stitch with a purpose (ie you're probably having a birthday or a baby). I fear the fiend-ish-ness is not far off though.

Anyway, the first is the cross-stitch I made for my best friend's baby, Chandler James. She loved it, Chandler was indifferent. But he's a boy so I expected that.

Apologies at my inability to get a straight picture. And I will now admit that Stephie was right - the jungle theme was best for his jungle room. And it's just way cute. The late nights cross-stitching (I'm really 60 years old) was worth it.

Here's the baby boy and me staring lovingly at each other. This isn't posed. I'm serious. We're in love. Rather, I'm in love, and he liked my scarf.

Stephie also got a cross-stitch for her birthday (you get a cross-stitch! and you get a cross-stitch! and you!) - the cross-stitch fever was going on like an epidemic. For Steph's, I actually finished a cross-stitch that she started maybe ten years ago, and probably more. But when I say finished, know that I had to take out all five of her stitches that she started in the wrong place - so really, I just did the kit she intended. I did personalize it though by making the dog into a very good rendition of our blue-tick coonhound sister, Tasha. And Tash was really good about sitting still and being my muse when she would visit me. The grey cat didn't need to be changed because it already looks like our cat Fluffy. Well, her and my sister's cat. Fluffy doesn't like me much.

And for comparison, here are the muses: 

Fluffy looks innocent, but that is only because she is in a box.
Tashers! She's such a cutie.
And now I am officially 60 years old.


  1. fluffy is cute too you are rude.

  2. I still have my cross stitches from you!! I can't wait to get my Christmas ornaments out to put them on my tree!!!! I love it!!


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