Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Felt Ruffle Pillow.

It took the Pinterest Challenge issued by Sherry of Young House Love and Katie of Bower Power (with Ana and Erin as guest hosts) to light a fire under my bum and get me to finish the other throw pillow for my bed.

So without further ado, here is my inspiration:

From here and via pinterest.
It started out easily enough. I used two scrap pieces of tan fabric to make rectangles to cover the last of my two loner pillows, and made a cover with a zipper (!!!). I'm still on a high from my new-found ability to sew zippers. But I digress.

And then it was circle cutting time. I made a loooooot of felt circles with a 2.75-inch diameter, with is the diameter of the bottom of a glass I used as my pattern. I traced and traced and cut out circles and got all caught up on Project Runway. And then I ironed all of the circles in half and got all caught up on my NBC shows. There was creative inspiration all around me! And then the circle cutting and ironing got old I was inspired to try some new shapes. I think it was Tim Gunn telling me to wow the judges. So I called in my roommate and we though a curvey line might look good. I started sewing a line down the crease of the circles in haphazard ways all around the front of the pillow. I tried to keep changing directions so it would never look like a taco stuck on a pillow. I would go back into areas that were all circled filled periodically and fill in gaps and fluff up circles. And I got to this point:

Eh. Not so much. Though the pillow isn't done in this picture, so two sides are not sewn shut and it's not tight and fitted, the curve just wasn't there. And to fix the curve was going to be difficult and still make it look intentional, and not like I had run out of felt circles. The felt color is Sandstone, and I got one yard (and it was 72 inches wide) from JoAnn's for $3, by the way. Victory!

Anyhoo. The shape wasn't translating as beautifully as it was in our heads. So a full pillow cover was in order. Back to the sewing machine with my tacos stacked around me.

I worked on most of the pillow with two sides already sewn - the top and the zipper on the side. It was easier to work that way around, all while leaving about an inch and a half on the unsewn sides. I got to a point where my middle was all filled in, so I pinned the third side and closed off the bottom. I then went back and filled in the gaps. Then I flipped it inside out again (after opening the zipper) and sewed the fourth side shut. 

After flipping it back right-side out, I filled any gaps by hand sewing on the tacos. This only happened to be four tacos, thankfully.

And doesn't it look maaaahvelous, darling?

I am absolutely in love. And I don't have too many circles left, so the yard worked perfectly. I'm so happy this Pinterest Challenge worked as a kick in the bum - thank you!

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  1. That really is fabulous. WTG!

  2. Thank you! The hours on the sewing machine were worth it, thankfully!

  3. Wow- that is a lot of sewing, but it turned out very well! I always thought those pillows were overpriced, but now that we know how much effort it takes, we will probably have a new understanding!

  4. Thank you! I totally agree - I can't get myself to shell out the $30 average for a pillow cover and though it's time-consuming, I don't know if I could! The only thing I bought for this was the felt ($3) and the zipper (probably $2). Too big of a difference!


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