Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick and (mostly) No-Sew Pillow.

With the number of hours I'm working increasing, I needed a quick and easy project. At this time of the year, unfinished projects just make me more stressed out.

JoAnn's coupons always know how to distract me. Enter this fabulous fabric:

It's Waverly's 'Buzzing About,' and the picture doesn't do it justice. I loved the geometric pattern and the little bees. Turns out, there's dragonflies on there, too. I thought this pattern would match well in my bedroom, and in my general color scheme. I also just like excuses to buy fabric. I'm sort of a fabric and candle hoarder.



The tutorial is fabulous, and gave me an excuse to do more Amazon shopping (this pillow couldn't survive without pinking shears... and season 3 of Friends). The only thing I did differently was to sew the back of the knot, just because I was cutting it close of the length of my  fabric and didn't trust it that my pillow would jump out in his birthday suit when jostled a bit. And that would be awkward for everyone.

But I still have a dilemma.

These pillows, which came in my bedding set (which is now covered with a West Elm duvet and shams), have been hanging in my closet, waiting for their slipcovers. I've been bouncing a few ideas, but haven't fallen in love with anything just yet. Neither was up for the tie pillow because I want to have these covers to be removable, and to add a zipper to a no-sew pillow would just not be fun. Also, I've never sewn a zipper, so I'm avoiding it like a plague. So they're a-waiting on the drawing board.

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