Sunday, October 16, 2011

I vant to suck yer blooooood.

I love Halloween. And though my work schedule does not alway allow for me to celebrate the whole month properly, some decor was needed to jazz up the apartment and get us more in the spirit. I love some of the Halloween decor over at Young House Love, and they had just the solution!


A quick trip to Michael's lead to 2 taper candle holders (6.99 each), 2 white taper candles (1.29 each), and 1 red taper candle (1.29). Matches are needed for this quick project as well. It would have been cheaper to opt for the glass taper candle holder, which were about 1.99 each, but I thought the silver ones looked more haunted-house-like, they could serve more uses, and I just got paid yesterday and hadn't been shopping in a while and was just way too excited for this project.

I held the candles upright in a wedge between the flaps of a cardboard box, like so:

Then I held a match to the red candle and let its wax drip down the white for the perfectly spooky effect!

And doesn't it look marvelous?!


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